Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Rearranged Fixtures - April 2019

Hello Everybody

There have been an unusually high number of fixtures that have needed rearranging this season, so I thought that I would issue this update so we all know where we are meant to be in early April. I think that this affects every team. It also includes the draw for Round 1 of the Knockout which took place last night, overseen by the Bull team.

On 2nd April...

Market B vs Phoenix - League: Rearranged from 02/10/2018. Home game to Market B.
Alma vs Brents - League: Rearranged from 30/10/2018. Home game to Alma.
Micro Vaults vs Elephant - League: Rearranged from 26/02/2019. Neutral game. Toss for choice of going first.
Ship vs Bull - League: Rearranged from 19/03/2019. Neutral game. Toss for choice of going first.

Three Horseshoes vs Marketeers - Knockout Round 1: Brought forward a week

On 9th April...

Railway vs Micro Vaults - League: Rearranged from 05/03/2019. Neutral game. Toss for choice of going first

Phoenix vs Rose & Crown - Knockout Round 1
Market B vs Alma - Knockout Round 1
Brents vs Elephant - Knockout Round 1
Bull vs Ship - Knockout Round 1
George vs Bear - Knockout Round 1

Could the captains of the home teams ensure that their respective pubs are aware of these fixtures please.

I have also put all of this on its on page on this website, where you can watch the results coming in.

Kind Regards
Paul Godden