Friday, 29 March 2019

Knockout Handicaps

Hello Everybody

I have had to produce the Knockout Handicaps a week early, as one of the first round matches needed to be brought forward a week.

I know half the teams haven't actually completed the season yet, but fear not, they are all based on averages of points scored for per match and points scored against per match. This late in the season these are fairly well set now and don't shift much. Anyway...

0 - Phoenix
2 - Marketeers
2 - Elephant
3 - Market B
3 - Micro Vaults
3 - Railway
6 - Rose and Crown
6 - Three Horseshoes
8 - Bull
8 - Ship
10 - Brents
13 - Bear
12 - Alma
21 - George

Good luck everybody


Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Rearranged Fixtures - April 2019

Hello Everybody

There have been an unusually high number of fixtures that have needed rearranging this season, so I thought that I would issue this update so we all know where we are meant to be in early April. I think that this affects every team. It also includes the draw for Round 1 of the Knockout which took place last night, overseen by the Bull team.

On 2nd April...

Market B vs Phoenix - League: Rearranged from 02/10/2018. Home game to Market B.
Alma vs Brents - League: Rearranged from 30/10/2018. Home game to Alma.
Micro Vaults vs Elephant - League: Rearranged from 26/02/2019. Neutral game. Toss for choice of going first.
Ship vs Bull - League: Rearranged from 19/03/2019. Neutral game. Toss for choice of going first.

Three Horseshoes vs Marketeers - Knockout Round 1: Brought forward a week

On 9th April...

Railway vs Micro Vaults - League: Rearranged from 05/03/2019. Neutral game. Toss for choice of going first

Phoenix vs Rose & Crown - Knockout Round 1
Market B vs Alma - Knockout Round 1
Brents vs Elephant - Knockout Round 1
Bull vs Ship - Knockout Round 1
George vs Bear - Knockout Round 1

Could the captains of the home teams ensure that their respective pubs are aware of these fixtures please.

I have also put all of this on its on page on this website, where you can watch the results coming in.

Kind Regards
Paul Godden